Cycle I - Initiation

The First Cycle serves as an initiation for the student, not only in the dance itself, but also in the philosophy of training as a dancer and artist, including the physical demands required in a serious training program. Special attention is paid to the development of technical skills and to physical conditioning.

Cycle II - Consolidation   

In the second cycle, the student consolidates the technical and practical-theoretical knowledge he or she has gained. The body awareness acquired in the first cycle allows for a  keener understanding and deepening of new movement techniques and drives further creative, artistic, and choreographic development. Cycle two calls for greater individual accountability for the learning process, emphasizing personal reflection and responsibility for one's practice.

Cycle III - Refinement

In the third cycle, the student already has a consolidated basis on which to build and polish her practice. During the last cycle, the student expands his or her technical resources and choreographic vocabulary by working with guest artists who are invited to teach quarterly and are recognized in the contemporary dance context.

Professional Training in Contemporary Dance


The Professional Training in Dance focuses on contemporary dance and new technologies in the performing arts. We recognize that our dancers are not solely interpreters, and to this end we pay special attention to their development as artists and creators, emphasizing the processes of critical refection and self-evaluation. We understand that, in addition to their artistic and technical import, these studies play a fundamental role in the lives and personal development of our students. For this reason, we also offer personalized tutoring and coaching sessions (with a professional coach accredited by Aseco and ICF) to achieve maximum results.


The Professional Training consists of 3 training cycles and has a potential duration of three to five years.

Every cycle consists of 2 modules, one technical and one creative.


Every trimester the student participates in an assessment of his or her work and a personalized tutoring session in order to benefit from the professors' ongoing mentorship.



Francesc Bravo, Pilar D.Torras, Moreno Bernardi, and Maite Ariño


Guest Artists:

Ariadna Montfort, Sebastían Garcia Ferro, 

Pau Arán, Jordi Milian, Glaub da Silva, Bebeto Cidra and more 



Practical Disciplines:

Ballet, Graham Technique, Limon Technique, Release Technique, Gaga, Contact Improvisation, Technical Training, Biomechanics, Hatha Yoga, Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering, Dance-theatre, Improvisation, Physical Theatre, Butoh, Composition, and Repertoire


Theoretical Disciplines:

Dance History

Anatomy for Dance

Dance and Health

Dance in Culture and Context

Dance and Health

Criticism and Analysis

Dance Pedagogy


Practical-Theoretical Disciplines:

Dance for Video


Body Mind Centering